Заводь у берегов Аланьи

Sea-Based Feedback In September

Rest in October: Where to go to sea or tours in Russia and abroad. Recalls where to rest and where to go in October 2017.

It is rare that for long-awaited leave on their own volition the rainy October, everyone is trying to dig up spring and summer months. But on the other hand, it's not always possible to get away from business when you want to. Most circumstances dictate our rules. October is October. It's raining on the street, underneath the legs, a mesivo of the disguised leaves and dirt, not saving even warm clothes, but in the bag... a ticket. The summer ticket. And that's the difference between what is and where you're about to be, the same bonus that people who leave from one summer to another.

Sea + accessible exotic

The Arab Emirates is the ideal beach course for almost a year, although not the most fiscal year. But they are pleased with the pleasant prices of south Vietnam tours, where, indeed, short-term rains are likely in October.

Rest on the Dead Sea You can recommend in any weather, the healing forces of his waters and dirt have been heard. Morocco has hot days and cold evenings in October. The country ' s vast " cultural baggage " comes from the Sahara Desert to the depressing area of Jema al-Fna in Marrakech. The Chinese Heinan should be sent to those who miscarriage high temperatures in October. There's a comfort weather in the middle of the fall, and the sea is warm.


October is the perfect time to travel to Gold Colts and Russian old towns. Jaroslavl, Rostov, Sergiyev Posada, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Suzdal, Pereslav-Zalesski, Kostrom, each of them deserves a visit.

For those who do not think of rest without a seafight, the option of travel to Helenjik, Tuapse, Anapou or any other Russian south town is appropriate. There's no Jara in there, but it's not gonna be a good weather for amateur sea walkers. A little more than +20 °C is, of course, not Egyptian +30 °C, but drinking home wine and breathing iodine is always useful.


The legends that Spain has a year of sunlight are just a beautiful story. That's not true. If the wallet holds the Canary Islands test, the fairy weather is secured, and all the resorts located north of Barcelona are already turning beach.

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