Visits In February

Hot road trips to Thailand will save much, but not everyone likes to risk and sit in the bags in the unknown. But even if the tour isn't burning, it's not as expensive as it was in other months, between 600 and 1,000 USD. The figures on the page are as of January 2017.

Viet Nam

When choosing to rest in this country, it is worth taking into account some minus: the dark sea, the possible rains and the wind, all the rest will be happy. The February recreational prices begin from 850 USD, the sun warms up to +32 °C and the sea to +24 °C. Quort Fanthiet and Fou-Cook Island are perfect seats for those who are attracted to diving and surfing.


The Arab Emirates is also an excellent recreational choice in February. The sun warms up to +24 °C, reducing the likelihood of burn, but the water heats up to +17... +22 °C. And there's still a possibility of small rain, but in the sun, it'll only bring freshness. Most often, Russian tourists choose to rest in Dubai, forgetting that the Emirates, a developing resort zone and a tourist market, produces new and new proposals that do not yield the benefits of known resorts every year. It is worth considering as an option for the Abu Dhabi and Sharja resort cities, very green, cozy boulevards and sand beaches. Moreover, the prices of these resorts are much lower than in Dubai. Average Rest in the Emirates between 800 and 1,000 USD.


Tropical paradise that creates beautiful conditions for rest. Slow sea, air temperature +25... +30 °C, coral beaches, beautiful nature, and silence. You want to swim naked, you want to eat some juicy mango right in the sea, and you're tired of loneliness, you can find a company. There's no city noise here, so you can call Maldives the edge of the world. Tours in this fairy tale are about $2,000, but it's worth it.


The Goa loves many, and it's a low price for a relatively small guest to travel to the country of Buddhist monasteries and ancient culture and exotic nature. The cost of tours to southern Goa would be 650 USD and to the north would be approximately 950 USD. The price difference is small, it depends on preferences: the party fans will go north more, and the people who come for comfort and peace are south.

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