Otdyh v shhelkino

Flushing Wings

They rented an apartment from Maria Stepanovna Volodyna. Guys, it's an evaporated grandmother! She's not what she can do without warning, and in your absence, she can go to the bathroom when you're naked and pissed! Shit, I didn't know where to go! I'm sorry! It's a pretty bad town. They came with the family on the advice of acquaintances. We're not coming! There's no service, there's nothing in the UK, it's all on a rally level, hammering everywhere, from the owner of the apartment to the exchanger of currencies on the market! It's not safe to eat, especially meat foods! Flush, sleepy locals on the beach tonight, apparently the apartments have been rented, and they're all over the way... They were a little scared when they decided to walk around the sea tonight. A little back from the central galaxy, and beyond the darkness, even the eyes have been scattered, so they've stepped on the body! That's crazy! Products are cheap, market scattered, expensive, in fact they're not, just some asphalt sheep. The baby stroller was killed three weeks ago! Well, don't recommend anyone! People, go rest in civilized places, and this horny-daughter of Szczylkino in a natural state will learn some basic tourism rules.

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