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February Feedback

article593.jpgChoose the best of the year. In February, Pattay has a moderate climate, with no rain, no heat, no cold. At the expense of its successful location, Pattyya's coastal waters have no waves that allow water sports to float on the scooter, on the banana, or to do diving and snorkling. The weather in Pattay is great in February. There's almost no rain in February. Air moisture is not high for sea resort. Air temperature at +32 °C and at night +23 °C The water near Ko Lan Island and Jomtien is warmed up in February to +27 °C.T.S. February as the peak season is not the lowest. Although, compared to other Thyland resorts, like Phuket, it would cost a lot less recreation. The burning tours in Pattia in February can be worded at the end of the month, although their numbers are limited and the hotel may not come to you. The cost of the hotel in Patty does not depend on its location. For example, a hotel in the center of Pattyia, on Jomtien or on Nakla may be worth the same number of stars. Finding a place in February is a fantastic area, so book the hotels in Patty in advance. The same applies to air tickets to Thailand.

Rest in Pattai in February

February is the perfect time to rest in Patty. The tourists are taking too much smiling this time of year, so the beaches, hotels, restaurants and clubs are overcrowded.

In the markets, traders raise tourist prices, so trade. The first time you go to Pattya, you know, you need to swim on Ko Lan Island. The boats that leave Bali Hai's Pier to this island are overcrowded in February, so get up early.

February in Pattay - One of the few months to go to the tour, because rain is missing and not very hot.

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