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Monthly water temperature


♪ The weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months as well as change the scale and move the visible area of the map to see other resorts.

♪ The map shows the average monthly daily air temperature or water temperature at sea.

April is considered the most favourable month for in Viet Nam♪ The season begins, there's good weather everywhere, warm, and more hot, the temperature in the south, for example, reaches 37 degrees. There's no draught, there's a bright sun. You can lay on the beach, take a sea walk, travel across the country. Moisture is very small, it's comfortable for the organism, and the things made from the beach, they'll be in the air, unlike wet months.

The Hanoi air is warmed up to +30 degrees, warm summer rain is very rare and, in general, April is the most successful month to travel to the capital.

Halong and his moles and caves meet the tourists with a clear sky and an air temperature of 26.7 heat. There's no rainy days in April, but there's smoke on the bay until noon.

In Sape, 26.9 days and 20 degrees of heat at night.

In only a few of the most northern provinces bordering China, wet season begins in mid-April. The average air temperature is 23 degrees of heat and is often raining.

In central Vietnam, March is a popular time for active recreation. There's a lot of fun on the coast: surfing, yacht races, parachute sports, diving.

Nyachang celebrates the tourists with the dry weather, the bright sun and the calm sea, whose temperature is above 27 degrees of heat.

In Danang and Hoyana, day air temperature plus 29, at night, 22 degrees of heat. Seven days a month may be short-lived, but the combination of humidity and heat is comfortable.

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