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Episode Feedback

Flying Africa in July was scary, but what should be done if it was only once a year and in July, and European sea resorts with a softer climate could not afford it. Turns out it's not as bad as imagining. 40 degrees is minus, but the temperature of the sea is 28-30 degrees, you can swim without risk, it's a plus. The air is very dry, in our latitudes with this heat, we'd be suffocated from humidity, but in Egypt we were breathing easily. In Jurgad, the constant wind, when it's from the sea, it's cold on the shore: after lunch, it's too bad, it's like to bleed out, 'cause the wind's running, and one time it's got to be recycled from the beach because it's freezing!

Good afternoon. Now, in February 2017, I'm resting in Naama Bay Bay. We're resting today is the fifth day. And it's the first time that it's comfortable, almost without wind. The response decided to write because it was not possible to find detailed weather information in the course of the day in February. In the morning, if we go to breakfast until 10:00, it's cool. If the wind is cold. We wear tonic coffins, jeans, sneakers and winds on top. The clock from 10 starts warming, 11 is warm. But if the wind or clouds, we're rolling coffins again. The wind is cold, even if the sun and temperature 25. The water's cold, we're gonna have to go for a few minutes. But you don't swim with the mask. When you get out of the water, you want to get dressed in the dry, the wind blows. Little baby at such a temperature of water and at such a wind, it is impossible to swim. After three, it's getting colder, you're wearing coffus, winds, jeans and sneakers again by five. Something on your head.

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