«в Грецию с ребенком куда

Rest In The Greeks Where The Feedback Is Better

  • Yakutsky
  • -7
  • -6
  • Vladivostok
  • -8
  • North-Kuril
  • -9
  • Camchatka
  • -10


In Mediterranean Greece, the summer is hot and dry and the number of sun days per year exceeds 300. The hottest period lasts from mid-July to mid-August, so the chillers at moderate temperature Better rest. here in May, June, September and October, on Crete and Rodos. The islands are always hotter than North Greece. Athens have approximately the same mean temperature as the islands, but the last climate is softer and the heat is lighter.

At the beginning and end of the summer at night, it could be cold because of a constantly swinging breeze. The cereal season on the islands begins early and lasts from April to October. In Northern Greece, the season continues from May to September. The most soft and comfortable periods for stay in the country are May-June and September-October.

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