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Recreational Feedback

We've remitted the master's prepayment.

Good day, everyone! It's been a long time since I thought it was wintertime, but I decided with my mom for New Year to visit Adler and the beautiful Palma Hotel. The trip with the owner, the pleasant and all the receptive Tatyana agreed in advance, signed up on the Whats App, and I'll just say that the phone number is reliable and it's not worth the fear of transferring the advance payment to this hotel, but I don't think about the others. The pictures of our number Tatiana sent right away. Then I rescheduled the prepayment and looked forward to counting the days before the trip, planning to remind myself in a few days. The first thing that surprised me, Tatiana wrote to me in advance, asked me the time of arrival and said that she would meet us at no cost. On December 31, at 10 a.m., my mom and I were already enjoying the view of Adler from Tatiana's car. We had a detailed tour immediately, where it is, where the store is, where we can go, where to eat and what to see. Although we were very worried about what to do in winter, we'd have nothing to do. By passing our hotel, Tatiana drove us to the coast, showed us walking to the Olympic facilities, by the way, no more than 20 minutes from the hotel. The Olympic Savings in 10 minutes, to the sea itself from the hotel 5-7 minutes, the coast is running small golf cars that will take you for only 500 roubles from the man, two minutes away from the Hotel Pieterca, five to seven minutes before the big "Magnita" on the front of the park, just forget about 250 pounds. It's all winter! 15 minutes of walks across the lower bridge, Mr. Mosimta is a commercial and entertainment complex called Mandarin, cafes, restaurants, tea, booths, nightclubs, CFC and McDonalds... A whole town of entertainment in town! If the same way through the upper bridge (so we call them), the New Veck Trade Center is all! ... and the most important thing is the bus stop, No. 135, which houses you to hell with Adler, Sochi International Airport, Sky Park, Forel Farm, Red Polen, Gasprom, Rosa Huthor. If you don't write about these trips for weeks. And now about the hotel, I think his motto is, "All you want, that's all!" Clearly, there's no foreign smell, cozy, there's mountains out of the stairs, beauty invisible. The number is two-bed, the laundry is fresh, the pillows, the matttresses are soft, the towels in the room, which struck. ♪

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