отдых в крыму в сентябре

Rest Of September

The adriatics are colder than the Mediterranean Sea, so Croatia is already completing the resort season in September. The tourists can get the south Dubrovnik and Split - there's a couple more weeks late in the summer, and the barhat season is especially bright. Flush rest can be combined with an active one, for example, to look at local sights.

Asia and Latin America

In September, Cuba ends the rainy season, although rains sometimes happen, and the island is traditionally filled with tourists. The same situation in Bali: the surfers are trying to catch a big wave or learn from the local surf schools.

Thailand is not comfortable this month. It's best that early fall rests on the eastern shores of Malacca, there's rarely rain in Pattya. There's a storm on the West Bank this time of year, so we don't have to go there yet.

An exotic lover goes to Brazil, Kenya or India in September. If you want to eat, see the celebrity, practice surf and diving, Miami is a good choice.


September is considered a great month for guided tours in almost every country in Europe. There's no Jara, and there's a decrease in tourist flows. The choice of routes is therefore rich and the prices of tours are gradually declining. You can go to Czech, Scandinavia, Italy. These countries are good for both bus tours and travel on a private car. In Denmark and France, it's fun to spend time with children in Legoland and Disneyland. In Sweden, at least the winter itself, there are parks of attachments.

Rest in the mountains

tourists who cannot wait for the opening of the mining season are occupying Austrian Zelden and French Tin in September. There are glaciers open here for skating, which take many guests. Indeed, the number of areas suitable for rolling in the summer has recently declined in Alps. Specialists fear that glaciers can start tagging, so they don't have to worry. Thus, skiers have already lost 30 per cent of the areas that were available in the year round.

In Switzerland in September, good riding in Saas Fa and Tsermatta is taking guests anytime in the year. It's open to one of the highest racing areas that can be reached on the lift. There are several underground tunnels in northern Finland for skiing.

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