Скала Киселева. Туапсе

Recreational Feedback In The Toops

Tuapse includes not only the city itself, but also the surrounding villages: Agoya, Gisel Déré, Jubgu, Lermontov, Novokhaylovsky, Nebug, Olginku and Shepsy.

There is no formal division into administrative areas in Tuaps. But as in any city, there are safe and not very, industrial and sleeping areas. Local residents use historical names for convenience.

The central part of the city is simply called the center. It is here that the main values and entertainment are concentrated. It's like the artery passes through the centre of Tuapse Platan Alley, planted more than 100 years ago, the perfect place for unsuccessful walks. It's really nice here, nice houses, nice green patches, a bunch of shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Tuaspians are the most prestigious in their town to consider the Kalaras area. Being separated from industrial enterprises (NEO, port), it is the most environmentally sound place in Tuaps. There's modern, small-sized housing units, a mini-host. There are no special features in Calarash, but quiet and beautiful.

The remaining areas of Tuapse: Sorting, Star, Grozneft, Barsova Szel are either a traditional private building or bedroom areas or major sea terminals and warehouses. In fact, the historical legacy of the city is hard to name a rich one that won't tell us about its surroundings.


Public transport in Tuapse is provided by buses and by-pass taxi. In total, there are 30 routes connecting all areas of Tuapse and the surroundings. Transport starts at 5:40, and ends at 2:00.

Public transportation cost: 20 RUB in municipal buses and 27 RUB in route taxi.

There's a lot of taxi services in Tuaps. On average, 50 RUB will land in the vehicle, 17 RUB per kilometre.

As is the case in any marble town in Tuaps, they're offering to take a fascinating sea walk. Local companies ride tourists to the Kiselev painting rock. Mandatory fishermen can go to the seafish, where not only can they catch a local barrida, but also eat, swim on the high seas. Living cost: 600 RUB. The boat is leaving the dock at the Central Beach.

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