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May Feedback

With the Miami Conference, the leaders have not only been impressed by rest but also useful and useful information.

Calling Tatiana Novikova:

Daily development - key to success

The international Brilliant Conference in Miami (USA) was recently concluded. Of course, every participant took a lot of new impressions from there, from the venue of the conference, and from the programme, and from the Speakers, who were willing to share their experiences and information, and from the entertainment programme, music and the uprising of the ocean... ♪

One of the strongest impressions of this week in Florida was a meeting with the guests of business conferences, namely Darren Hardy, American Business Counsel, Coach, former publisher of the Success magazine (this allowed him to interview people like Richard Brennson, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg), the author of the two best-sellers: the American Mountains of Business. This is the "self-made man " who started his business at 18 years and became a millionaire at 27 years old. He's been working with Jim Rohn for a long time, one of the most famous personal efficiency authors and coaches.

For the participants at the Hardi Brilliant Conference, training on the " Accumulating effect " , the essence of which is reflected in the formula: " Small smart actions, multiplied over time, produce an incredible result " . It illustrates this formula with a mathematical example, and mathematics is accurate. So, what you're gonna choose is to get a one-on-one and a three-million-dollar, or get one cent a day, but with the condition that the sum of yesterday's day will be doubled? If you've chosen a second, like a little spectacle, you win! In a month, $3 million will remain the same amount, and a daily double of 1 cent in 31 days will become $10,737,418. A simple count on the calculator confirms this outcome. They're all the same little steps, but they're regular. If you don't double 1 cent every day, it won't be $10 million; if you don't tell three people about the Orifleum a day, it's hard to count for a new title.

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