The People's Rest Base Has Been Retracted

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The Ludmila Recreation Base was surrounded by a forest area on Don's coast. Base location - Kalachev district, Hutor Ryumino. Living forests and the unusual beauty of the rivers will provide recreational recreational facilities with many pleasant impressions and will be remembered for a long time. A 40-person cafeteria may also be used to celebrate the celebrations.


4th local wagons:
There's all the food, bedding, television, access to cold water in this car. All other conveniences are located on the rest base.

3rd local house:
All cabins are equipped with necessary kitchen and bed supplies, and there's television and access to cold water. All other conveniences are located on the rest base.

8th local comfort house
The house consists of a large living room, two bedroom rooms and a comfortable kitchen (i.e. dishes, electrical appliances, splinter systems), also includes cable TV, showers and plumbing.

Service and entertainment:

On the Ludmila recreational basis, it is possible to visit the sauna with the pool and the recreation room, rent a recreational cafe, rent a spoon without a motor, a dive or a leather.

Work period:





Ludmila on the map: GPS coordinates: 48.830819, 43.585231 (48°49'50.95, 43°35'6.83)
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