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Recalls At Sea Abroad

Rest at sea abroad in August. Tours, prices and tour operators. Recalls where to rest and where to go in August 2017.

August already reminds me that the vacation time is about to end and that the daily routine will begin again, and someone has creative work. The relationship to rest in August is ambiguous: someone's excited about the heat, and someone wants to cool.

Flush rest

There's no place to fall on the beach in August. The tourists who filled the resorts in July, until they rush home, pick the schelons as hot cakes and drink cocktails under huge umbrellas.


If you don't carry the heat well, this month is the best thing to do in Pribaltic. The holidays in Latvia and Lithuania are not as popular as in traditional resort countries, but there is a benefit. Air temperatures don't exceed +20... +22 °C, water heats up to +18... +20 °C.

In Estonia, August is often rainy, lake and Baltic Sea warm, +24 °C. The tourists choose the islands of Saarema and Muhu during the year.

Harkovato will be in Italy, Greece and Spain. The air temperature reaches +32... +35 °C, water heats up to +24 °C.

However, it is quite comfortable in August in the Balkans, in Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria. It's a long time, within reasonable limits, of course, to bury on the beach and swim without fear of chilling or, on the contrary, overheating.

Latin America

August is considered to be one of the most suitable months for travel in Latin America and the Caribbean. Chart flights are taking tourists to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. You can rest here on sand beaches, see Easter Island, go to a tour of Maya and Aztec civilizations, visit Theotioukan, Palenke, Cancun.


August is not the best time for long journeys in France, Spain and Italy. It's high humidity countries, it's very hot, and bus tours are already exhausting. It's better to wait another month.

Here's a great choice to ride in August on Portugal and Greece. There's a huge amount of extracurricular programmes here, and you can choose any taste. At least interesting in August in Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium welcomes the comfort of weather and sight.

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