Лучшие пляжи Греции

Greece Beach Rest

Greece: An account of the characteristics of tourism and recreation. Good information about Greece for a traveler.

In Greece, as we know, there's everything, and no one's gonna argue with this statement, it's only possible to make it clear that Greece has everything for a beautiful rest. Greek holidays are an inexorable combination of historical virtues, painting nature, self-propelled culture and appetites of traditional kitchens.

Walking rest in Greece is always a comprehensive relax, including pleasure by sea, sun, ancients, food and famous Greek wine.

While collecting suitcases for one of the Greek resorts, many of the travellers who are tired of beatings and problems, tourists are looking for mere merciless rest on the seaside, but we have to admit that it is not reasonable to spend time on exclusive beach recreation in Greece. I don't think you'll be able to spend days on the beach, knowing that two steps away from you are where European civilization is born! Walking rest in Greece is always an integrated relax, including pleasure by sea, sun, ancients, food and famous Greek wine.

The tourists who used to travel with children would certainly welcome the fact that the vast majority of Greek beaches are sandy, with beaches not only with traditional yellow sand, but even red and black colours. The gale beaches are very small, and the available are fully compliant with the requirements of the environment.

Fasssali and Nafplion resorts, where there are several beautiful beaches marked by the Blue Flag, should be considered by the beaches of the galaxy and the transparent sea.

The local beaches are surrounded by palms, eucalipts, orange and lemon groves and provide tourists with unforgettable recreation filled with fair sea, flowers and fruit trees.

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