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This article deals with one of the problems faced by some Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs when they receive the second Grenada passport for investment or other economic citizenship. It is a concern about the effectiveness and inability of the new instrument to cross borders around the world.

One of the first questions asked by many newly-inspected owners of second Grenada ' s passports for investment or other economic citizenship is " Should it be used? " If the happy holders of multiple nationality give a positive answer to this question, the following arise, for example: " How can I use it, and will it be convenient for me to use this document? " All of them can be summed up in one question: " What happens after a new document is in progress? "

It is clear that only those passports that have been legally obtained under legitimate economic citizenship programmes will follow. I mean, passports where there is no risk of direct use, for example, being locked on charges of forgery of documents found by the competent authorities during border crossings. Details on how to avoid such a plight in article "Second passport for money - 7 signs of fraud“.

But we will return to legal economic citizenship programmes, one of which has recently launched island jurisdiction called the Union of the Comoros. In fact, the existence and even more the exact location of this country is not known by so many people. The passports issued by its authorities for obvious reasons are not as prestigious as passports, for example, Germany or the United States. Therefore, newly-administered Comoros ' economic citizenship holders are often concerned about the way things turn around, starting to make real use of new passports for the same cross-border travel.

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