Отдых во Вьетнаме: объективно

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About a third of Viet Nam is situated 500 m above the sea, so the climate is subtropical and in areas above 2,000 m even moderate. From April to October, the south-eastern monsoons bring warm and wet weather to the country, other than mountain-protected areas.

In southern Viet Nam (from Hoshimina to Fanthiet), two seasons, wet and dry, can be distinguished. The first traditionally lasts from May to November, the most rainy months are June-August. The second usually starts in December and ends in April. It's the best time for European tourists. Barhat months - January and February: soft sun refreshing seawater. From the end of February until May there are hot days without rain.

Best time to visit Viet Nam when rains are least likely: April-May-November.

The Climat of Central Vietnam (from the resort of Nyachang to the ancient capital of Xue): from February to August, it is clear that rain is rare, temperature +30... +35 °C. In mid-December, heavy rains, in October-November, in the Dananga and Hüe area, possible typhoons, +20 temperature...+28 °C.

In the north of the country (from Hanoi to the Halong sea resort), winter and summer seasons are more clearly marked than in the south. The winter, cold and wet, lasts from November to February, in February and March, is constantly raining Funa. The summer season begins sharply from May: elevated humidity, temperature to +40 °C.

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