Отдых в Зеленоградске

Summer Recess

The buses pass through the Kaliningrad Prospect and the one-name highway, leaving the Svetlohorska resort to the side. It is easy to move between the outskirts, nearby towns and towns. For example, the road between Ward and Pioneerski will take 25 minutes, 10-16 RUB will be taken for travel, 40 minutes from Svetlohorska to Yantar, one-way ticket to 44 RUB. All right, with a couple three transplants, you can travel all the seaboards from Kurshka to Baltisk in a day, hitting about 400 RUB.

A taxi per resort costs an average of 100-150 RUB. The taxo machines are equipped with enumerators, and 50 RUBs may be added for the use of the luggage compartment.

Owing to the prevalence of unilateral streets, the cost of travel to the Toda may differ from the road by approximately one third.

The bicycles are offered by the Information and Tourism Centre and the Advanced Cafebike Service. Infocentre, the hour of rent of the adult is going to be 80-120 RUB. Cafebike has developed a system of tariffs and subscriptions with a cost of between 2 RUB per minute and 500 RUB per day. The tracking of free machines, the time of rolling and the payment shall be done by means of a smartphone application. Cafebike points in Svetlogorsk work at Konigsbacker and Kruasan café.

Out of the ordinary, the canal road. A sparkle long approximately 150 m connects Svetlogorsk-2 to the west edge of the Central Beach. The one-way ticket will cost 45 RUB, full circle 70 RUB.

Rental of vehicles

It's not worth taking a car to move on Svetlohorscu. Light and often unilateral streets, bad or repaired roads, a limited number of parking spaces will be made from the iron assistant. Now, travelers with terrain proponents, the car will need a ride on the shore to find the best beach, to set up an enlightened expedition in the corner of the field, and a voyage.

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