Исландия отзывы туристов

Rests In The Spray

The impressions are the brightest! In September, there was the most fabulous season: there is no sunshine with spirit, water warm, air moderately humid. You can enjoy the rest of the luxury white beach under the warm sun. But it doesn't feel like you're on a deserted island, because the city is big enough with a beautiful infrastructure.

There are the virtues that will come from the youngest to the elderly. Close to the beach hotel, and the hotel is in the middle of town! In other words, it's all under hand: shops, beach, museums. ♪ ♪

Suitable clothes and shoes that can walk without fatigue. Also the sun's protective cream (although it's not so hot anymore, it can be burned). And the rest can be bought in nearby stores, because the prices are very democratic.

We stopped at the center of Malaga, at the Las Vegas Hotel. Slow, low-cost, well-serviced. The cost of one night in a double room is Euro55. There is a small basin in the hotel itself. But it's more for children and older people, in my opinion. My husband and I went straight to La Malaguet's beach. There are beach bars, café, children's space.

The visit to Alcasab's fortress was very welcome. This is the building of the 1st century to our age with the Roman amphitheatre. The authorities of the city and the country are trying to maintain this remarkableness in a dignified manner. I also advise you to visit Pablo Picasso's house museum. And whisperers will come across the street of Larios, which is the central commercial area of the city, where you can buy both brandy and delicious!

We didn't take any tours with the guid. All the sights went on their own.

Despite the proximity to the city, it's very clean and quiet. There will be comfort to older people, and to anyone who wishes to rest from the fuss. There are booths, bio-toales, water taps to clean the sea. There are also two beach bars with very democratic fruit prices and acceptable prices for cooling drinks.

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