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How do you save on a package tour?

1. Myth: The more the stars at the hotel, the more expensive it is.
It is true, but not always. Sometimes the price difference can reach 60,000 roubles. For example, if the three-star hotel in Adou Atall (Maldives) is worth 191,363 roubles, the four-star is 60,000 cheaper - only 11,608 roubles.
Same as Ras al-Hayme. Tours with three-star absorption will require 68,306 roubles and 51,335 roubles for four-stars.
That was not true, but the trend was also apparent in many other areas: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Cuba, Dominica, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Italy, Spain.

2. August is not always the most expensive month of rest.
In July and August, there is a peak of the tourist season, when everything that can only be worth (bilets, hotels, restaurant prices, tours). But there is no need to go far: Black, Mediterranean and Mediterranean are warmed up. Seas
Plus, no one cancels the interesting burning tours that can be found in August, different from July. So, with due diligence, with a licensed visa and bags collected, it is easy to purchase a track, for example, to Majorca for 5 days in 16,000 roubles per person. With a budget of between 18 and 35,000 roubles, it is easy to buy weekly tours to Tunisia, Abkhazia, Montenegro or Turkey.

3. Tours are often cheaper than independent travel
It's often better to buy a package tour. This pattern is open to mass activities (Turkey, Cyprus, Dominica, Greece, Thailand). In exotic countries or where only individual tours are organized, it's always cheaper to go on its own.
Why are the tours better? For several reasons. First, Booking.com and other hotel reservations systems take a commission from each operation (usually not less than 15-20 per cent of the check). Second, charter flights are cheaper than regular.

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