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Rested to the family (2 adults and 3 children) in Lazarev July 2011. We've got two related rooms at an elite private hotel next to the Lazarev District Administration! ♪
1. The towels thrown on the floor didn't change, but put on the hook like clean.
2. The sink, the shell, and the toilets were never wet in seven days.
3. The bed never changed! Although it was declared once every 5 days.
4. Cleaning was a quick blur.
5. I don't know about before and after us, but we never had a cash machine in the dining room! The calculation was on the calculator, the money was released from the sliding carton. AU, NICE! And I repeat, next to the administration!
6. There's a lot of people on the beach, nowhere to lay down, although it was said that the beach was separate.
7. "Servis" on the beach is a walking chauffeur with churchella, corn and cancer. Monkeys and obsessive negroes grabbing hands and trying to hug! Where's the police and the license to work? It's just gross, it's been seen several times that young girls just got out, almost crying, from these negros! County administration, would you allow this attitude to your daughters?
8. It's impossible to find a restaurant tonight to eat with the kids - "local"+ chanceon+ mat + blissful conversations + doubtful food. Eat in the dining room. At least the kids didn't hear the mat. Everywhere local essays and their inspirational behavior - pray, don't like - don't come, we're the hosts. On their cars, the gigitists were wearing narrow strings like no one on the streets!
9. What do you want? No, we're unbalanced, but for the money we left behind, you can rest easy and easy.
10 to Sochi.Lazarene recreationIt's nonsense! Imagine the night, the rain, the road of serpentine and the bus! The excursionist said the facts were that even I'm not a heterogeneity, but a lot of reading people were shocked by illiteracy. Who's got a story about what kind of morons I don't understand. I also made comments to the passengers on the bus that if we don't stop talking to the kids, she'll stop her story. I'm sorry, how can I not talk to a kid for three years?
Anyway, people, don't believe in heaven stories in the Krasnodar Krai. Go abroad. My husband and I thought we deserved a human vacation, not a zoo on the Black Sea coast. Let Thockev rest with his daughters. If he wants to.
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