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Abkhaz Recreation House

It's a beautiful location - in Old Gagra, quiet - just the noise of the battle, the beach of 30 metres.
lived in a two-room connection-- a good room with repair, a euro window, an air conditioner, a carpet, clean, white laundry, you, big balcony-- it's good and beautiful.
There's a kettle, a fen, dishes, a fridge. Remove the day, change the laundry in five days.
The food's very good, they cook at home. In the dining room, clean, beautiful, welcoming staff, you can eat on an open yard with a view at sea, which is very pleasant to always leave dinner if you're delayed from the tour.
It's a beautiful view at sea, a similar area.
Hot water is always boilers.
Very nice staff will always say what and how.

Not enough - well, there may be a small area, but at night we went to town or were sitting at sea or on a tour. But the territory is fine, palms, flowers. It's nice.
Towels, of course, aren't very much, you better take your own to your leather.
No fun, of course, but we didn't need them personally, but across the gate, a restaurant with live music. In the next lazurne beregue café on the beach, same with music. So who's gonna find some fun.

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