Халкидики-Метеора с ребенком

Halkidiks Of Recreation With Children

Half the Halkidiki is part of the five most visited Greek resorts. It's located in the north, east of Greece, and it's the Egay Sea. In turn, the Khaliki peninsula has its three peninsulas, this is Cassandra, City and St. Afon. Transfers are from Thesaloniki and takes about an hour. The nature of the peninsula is amazingly beautiful - mountain peaks, valleys, basic forests. The sea is lazy and clean. The plays are mostly sandy, but there's sandy. Cassandra's halfways are closest to the Salonicams, more sat down than Sitony and St. Afon. It's 50 miles. Tourism infrastructure is high. The rest of the world will come for young people and families with children. The city's halfways are rich in untouched nature, harbors and boots. You can settle in hotels, campings, rent a room in one of the woods, or put it in a tent. Rest on Citonia is calm and sizeable. In Saint Afon, the only Orthodox State in the world is Agion Oros (Saint Mount Afon). Twenty active male monasteries, 10 to 14, each with about 50 monks. Women are not allowed to visit the monasteries, and men need special permits to enter the State. Not far from the Monashe State is the Orthodox town of Uranoupoli (translated from Heaven City). From here, the ferry leaves to the nunish republic. There's a tourist infrastructure on the coast. Also popular among tourists is the resort town of Naa Kallica, which is near the airport of the city of Salonica. Naa Cullicracy's good for family rest, Spock.

Tours which can be visited by resting on Halkidika: Meteors are monasteries at the top of the rocks; Saint Afon ' s Greation is an overview of the sea cruise to the Holy Horace and a stop at Uranoupoli; Pecra Petralona is a cave visit and anthropological museum; The visit to Skaloniki is the longest excury in Athens Dion - Olympus - Vergina - visit the famous antique sites of Greece and the archaeological museum. The nearest square is located 8 kilometres from Thesaloniki.
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