База отдыха Guest house

Recreation At Home

That's what we decided to leave our message! In Feodosia, we have come to rest for years, and it is in Primorsky that we always find housing. Once again, walking around the Internet looking for housing, I ran into the Homeworld site. Having met, and without much doubt, decided to try to stop here. The site was booked by a 2x-local number and agreed to meet us.

Before the arrival, there was a slight uprising, but it went to the corner!

And then my husband and I were very surprised! The room was all necessary for comfortable rest.

The sea is a quiet five minutes. Sandy and clean. Now for a few years, we've been stopping at homewise. I'd like to celebrate the high service. If there's any problem, you'll always help solve it.

Thank you so much, Nikolay Aleksandrovich, hoping for Alexeievna, and all of them, I will not be afraid of this word to the team for work and self-defense, with which they make our vacation unpredictable! Thanks to them, there's a really cozy and home atmosphere in the board. In 2016, just to you!

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