зимний отдых в Абхазии, цены

Rest In Abkhazia

Pleasure rest in Abkhazia
Gagroes and Pitsunda, Lake Ritz and old Sukhum, from the names of the Abkhaz towns, the head goes round, because it's here on the Black Sea coast of the Soul Country, Apsna offers a great vacation for all in love with the sea, the sun and the coldest of the pini and the kiparis. As decades ago, the beach rest in Abkhazia will be in love with both adults and children, and some impreciseness will even give her resorts special color and nostalgic charm.

Where do I go?
The trans-shipment of long-distance beaches in recent years has slightly forgotten Abkhazia, but it has not become less beautiful. Her best resorts continue to be loved by real recreational censors on the Black Sea:

In Pizzunda, the ball is run by the pine and the air is soaked with swabs, which seems to be inseparable. Dogs on the resort are gal, but calm, and quiet comfort at the atmosphere of guest houses and small family hotels attract families with children despite the absence of sand on the shore.
New Afon has something to look at after a busy beach day. This is where the fans of the famous summer vacation come. In Abkhazia, it may be as interesting as the resort with a world name.
In Gagra, there's a shower and an elderly couple and active youth. The first nostalgates in a long-overdue period along the eucalypt alley, and the young resorters go off to night discotheques.
Beach weather in Abkhazia
Wet subtropics in the submarine regions of Abkhazia are the scientific characteristics of the climate zone in which the Republic is situated. In terms of human, beach rest in Abkhazia is a lot of sundays, pleasant sea breezes and temperatures not exceeding even in the middle of the summer +29 °C and +26 °C in air and water, respectively.
Build on the resorts of Abkhazia can begin early in June, and the barhat season on the local beaches is surely continuing until the end of October. Sanatorium treatment is accessible during the winter period, even in January, the weather looks warm and comfortable.

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