Дом отдыха ПСОУ | Внешний вид

Pesau Recreation House

The sea of the village is all the virtues of geographical location. The joy was that the old coach traveled free every day and organized the whole hotel for breathing gymnastics. If I go back to Abkhazia, it's for him. Thank you! Bow to you.

That's not gonna work. I don't know what I'm saying, I'm going into the territory, and you're going to survive whatever you want. You're not protected, you're not safe, you're handling any problems yourself. Our group of 49 people was robbed at night, stole all the money, phones, cameras from the kids, no money left to return, food and night... total damage over 150,000... No one in the administration came to us, no one apologized for not working, but they didn't express their sympathy, even the other way around:
That's Abkhaz hospitality. We didn't know about stealing, we didn't realize that sleeping people could go to the room at night... No one warned us, although after all, even in the market, they knew they were systematically stealing. ♪ ♪ The police and service personnel were trying to convince us that this is a Russian visitor, but it's more than weird... two days, they let us live, light the money, and they watched it, and then clearly came where the money didn't go to other numbers... coincidence.
It's sad. Even knowing this situation, none of the locals have helped if you take a local car to buy the fruits, you pay for it, nobody's in position, There's a café with a manhal, asked for 1,000 an hour, children to fry the meat on the road, so we need to feed it on the road, and the answer is, we're going to roast... (Cristina's evil girl, hello, we fire the meat on the rocks, and you haven't used the mangall for another 24 hours, we've left you a bag of coal, even though we're men and the north, but still not gre not.) That was what we waited for from Abkhazia-GOSTEPRIUM, the Caucasian attitude towards guests, the eastern wisdom.
A total of 49 people, and each family of these people, will never go to Abkhazia again. I'm sorry... the country is beautiful. ♪

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