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In July, Feedback From Thailand


Rest in Thailand in June. The weather. Air and water temperature:

In July, South-East Museums dominate Thailand. The Thais and the Europeans say that at this time Thailand is a very rainy country. But it's not really raining all day, usually just tonight and night. In the daytime, it's safe to bury, and it'll rain near the evening, and it'll be comforting.

The locals say it's not hot in Thailand in July, but it's certainly about the months when it's trembling. You'll be able to rest, swim and light. The optimum definition for weather in July is comfort.

The day temperature in July is held in the area +31 °C, night temperatures fall up to +19 °C, sea temperature at about +27 °C.

We'll have to wait for the curiosity too. The clouds will fly, they'll be out in half an hour. The sun's gonna dry in 15 minutes, and nothing else reminds me of the rain.

While tourists from Europe are much smaller at this time, Russian tourists are not going anywhere, even on the contrary, their flow is increasing.

Rest in Thailand June. Prices:

You can't say that the prices reach their ceiling, but based on the fact that most people are on vacation at the moment, it's not easy to buy cheap travel. This issue will have to be addressed in advance. Although a burning tour in Thailand can always be bought for funny money, but the guarantee you'll make it, no.

Rest in Thailand in June. All of them:

+ Comfort air temperature and day and night, as rains hit the heat.

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