Отдых на Сардинии

Sardine Feedback From Tourists

Sardinia Island One of the most beautiful and second largest islands in Italy. "Sandaliotis" in translation from ancient Greek means sandalia. The myths say that Sardinia is a trace of God to Earth.

It is not possible to imagine that half a century ago this gracious terrestrial section, on which tourists from around the world come after rest and impressions, was a very poor part of Italy. This beautiful and unique island. Picks of rocky mountains in the back of distant horizons, emeralds have grown intact forests, pink flamingo in the sky, air, ether oils of Ekalipt and pine, making Sardinia a better place to rest.

In the past, Sardinia has been conquered so many times by various peoples: Romans, Maurians, Carfagenians, Finicians, that local culture is a very special mixture of traditions. The architecture of this place affects the mixing of styles and events. Here, you can see ancient necropole, peacefully neighbourly with chotic buildings.

Sardinia is a Mecca for exotic dishes. The local kitchen will never stop surpriseing you with the diversity and the exquisite taste. The loving dishes of the rest here are tsukini with midas and tomatoes, as well as unusual juicy, in an aromatic gold crust, milk powder (Su porcheddu a sa Sarda).

Rest in Sardinia It's better for those who love luxury and great service. The Smeralda Costa resort is considered to be the most fascinated. Golden beaches, sea latrines in which hundreds of small islands are scattered by green sockets, the smell of an oven and the dark olive trees, which give a dense shadow, all of which is so rampant that the rest of the place you will remember for life.

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