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A little about Palau:
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Every time, a pack of suitcases and a vacation, a man dreams of meeting the real wonders of nature, enjoying peace. Do you want to see the real natural masterpieces of our planet, which are perfectly real, even though they remind me of the fairy tales? The country of Palau has grown far in the Pacific. Tourist feedback It's just contaminating: a unique nature, the world's best diving, a lot of exotic animals and comfortable recreation in cozy hotels.

. Island State

If you decide to meet the most unique places in the world, you need to visit this corner of nature. Where is Palau? The State has devastated the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, in the western part of the Caroline Islands. It comprises 8 major islands and approximately 300 smaller islands.

All archipelago units are coral or volcanic. The warm waters of the Philippine Sea come from the north. It is the islands of the State of Palau that are known to be the richest fauna and flora in all of Micronesia. There are three powerful ocean currents that bear the richest nutrient stocks for all marine inhabitants.

Do you prefer rest and dream of living alone? This country is ready to provide you with a real paradise, some resorts can never see a tourist in a day. The State ' s population is just over 20,000 people, they have a very large lifestyle and do not eat travellers.

The miracles exist in Palau are very popular throughout the world, although, unfortunately, our country is not very developed. Travellers have long assessed this paradise, which is almost unaffected by human activity! This wonderful end will beat the marines. There were about 1,500 exotic fish.

The slow turtles, which are many here, don't see anything around. And nowhere else on the planet will you see more than 700 species of anaemions and corals. The islands of the archipelago have officially won the title of one of the natural underwater wonders of our Earth! This rating is made by CEDAM specialists. So you don't have to miss me. Rest on the islands is a real adventure with submarine depths, guided tours, tropical forests and, of course, ocean bridging.

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