Pljazhnyj otdyh v baku

Baku Of Recreation At Sea

There is only one train coming from Moscow to the capital of Azerbaijan. He's leaving four to five times a month with the Kursky Station. The convoy arrives early in the morning. One-way trip to a plastic car would cost a very low cost of air travel, 7747 RUB, and more than two days on the way. There are no direct trains from St Petersburg. There are a few options for a transplant, through Moscow and Rostov na Don. Tickets cost about 8,000 RUB, time traveling for more than 3 days.

Baku Information and Tourism Centre

Since 2006, Baku has an information and tourism centre (BITC) providing tourists with information on the main sites and town ' s sights. It also has a telephone contact centre providing free information support to the capital ' s guests. In addition, BITC will help book tickets and hotel rooms, offer tours to the city and the republic with professional guides, present all possible booklets and maps to Baku and Azerbaijan.

Baku districts

Over more than a thousand years, Baku has become a major modern megapolis from a small fortress in the middle of the Great Silk Road, while retaining its special eastern colony. Today, the capital of Azerbaijan occupies approximately 2,000 square kilometres and its population exceeds 2 million. The agglomeration is divided into 12 administrative units comprising both the Baku and several urban-type villages.

Most of the city ' s areas were formed in the 20th to 30th century. The youngest administrative units are Nizami and Pirallah, which appeared at the end of 20 to the beginning of 21 centuries. The first is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful areas of Baku, and there is also a famous 8 km east base.

The most expensive, both for life and for tourism, part of the city is its centre, covering in part the Nariman, Nasimi and Saba ' s regions. The cheapest houses, shops and cafés are worth looking at the outskirts of Baku.

Citizens Beach rest better. Make a choice in favour of the Khazar and Karadagh regions. The last narrow strip goes along the Spanish coast.

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