отдых в пхукете в январе

January Feedback

Rest in January: Where to go to sea, mountains or excursions in Russia and abroad. Recalls where to rest and where to go in January 2017.

In Russia alone, the January holidays with two weeks ' s scheduling can be extended for a month. This holiday of life has not been overtaken by tourism companies: travellers buy tours as hot pancakes, so the prices are rising instantly. But for a month, you can forget the shameful job, get in the hamster and love the beating. Or walk around quiet European strings. Or traveling through towns and weights, no matter where, most importantly, all dreams can come true.

Sea + beach in my pocket

  • The prices in Goa in January are quite acceptable, and there are no more sunsets in India: the sun does not sit, it falls beyond the horizon, every night, with a new sky.
  • The air is warming up to +25 in January. +27 °C and sea to +20 °C - word, weather is beautiful, sea warm, hotels comfortable, and services at European level.


An excellent alternative to beach rest will be a tour. In Scandinavia and all of Northern Europe, there's still a real Christmas freeze and a celebratory mood - until all the illumination and the celebrity of the celebrity, we have to see it.

  • In Tallinn, unlike many other European cities, the spirit of Christmas is very much felt. Because for Russian tourists, the city is left in a state of order until the end of January.

Isn't the winter studio your choice? Then welcome to Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal - warm and dry air temperatures from +11 to +16 °C. But don't rush to leave warm things in the rooms: winter is winter and sometimes snow starts suddenly.

Mountain skis

January is the ideal month for skating in Europe: sufficient snow has already been taken in the east (in Poland or in the Ukrainian Carpathians) and in the north, from Norway to Finland ' s s sofa, and in the Balkans: Bulgaria, Serbia or Turkey. But it's a long time for experimental miners to know that only the Alps can be better than the mountains, where in January the slopes are five plus, the tracks are reverted, the Apri-skey bars have brought the sea of glintwain, and the stores are the first-class collections of mining sites.

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