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Crete Island is a blessed place on Earth. It has a rich history of events and artifacts that have been preserved from the time of the Neolitha; it maintains strong cultural traditions that are respected and preserved; it is marked by environmental well-being, the enviable health and longevity of the local population; and is famous for the culinary arts.
But the most important thing is, of course, people: hardworking, common, welcoming. And also smiley and sympathetic (how to forget that the old lady who was approached to ask the road, suddenly with a smile, she pulled a flower, in a gift, I'm keeping it safe now in the pharmacist on Crete. They also honor moral principles, heartfelts, not inclined to trick and deceive both each other and the traveling tourists, and do not suffer from the same. They love everything in order and order.
Difference is a very important element of the mentality of the Christians. Hotel workers, tavern, shops and lacquers are very early, siestas (started rest) have not been set up in a tourist season (from April to October). The owners of the establishments work on an equal basis with the employees, and in turn they are often employed in two jobs at different times of the day.
And yet, the people retain their very virtueful and happy endings. A lot of examples could be given to Tom, not only a small article, but a whole book. The cheerful Christians we felt almost daily and everywhere.
To begin with the fact that Nicholas, the owner of the hotel who stood up until the rise and worked lately, quickly noticed by his careful view our not too normal for the residents of the day: early morning, five-minute walk to the beach, bathing and meeting at the sunburn; upon return, the warming of the pool is not an early morning. And he didn't just notice it, but he moved, not to mention, the pool schedule, opening it for an hour earlier.
Although in other cases the regime was firmly established. One day, in a hurry to the bus stop, they looked at the breakfast room five minutes before the scheduled time. The landowner with a radius smile said "Of Eat about the Clock" loudly, and I immediately suspended the uploading of bread.
One day, we used the travel agency to buy tickets from Iraqlio to Athens. It's not enough that Janice (the owner of the firm) picked up the most profitable option, with a discount of 20 per cent on the way back, he explained how to get out of Pirey's port to the centre of the capital, and, on his return, he gave a bottle of olive oil from his father's production.

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