Гостевой дом Визит, Сочи

Recreation With Children

All areas of Big Sochi connect the network of buses and private routes. The marshmallows barely go once a minute, Host's bus - Sochi will have to wait for at least 15 minutes. But he's safer. The local routers are nothing different from their colleagues from other regions of Russia: the same way, they beat the salon to the track, they're being carried out as crazy and frankly unpleasant to the passengers with child bells.

You can get from Hostha in Sochi on bus No. 125. Don't be confused with No. 125C. It's two different routes, the other one in Host doesn't come in.

Marshruts 1 to 99 are exclusively urban, only on Sochi. The number of buses from 100 and beyond goes across areas and suburbs. The cost of travel depends directly on distance. Relocation within one area is about 17 RUB. If you don't plan to leave Host, choose a route that goes to the area without going to the center.

There's no Talon in the transport, there's no money to pass to the driver at the entrance.


The main feature of the beaches of the Danube region is their infinity and accessibility (except the Cape of Visible). The swimming area begins from the Adler district and continues to reach the centre of Sochi.

Virtually all the beaches of the Danube region are free, urban, equipped, small-scale or sand-gal. All beaches have a complete set of standard water entertainment for additional costs. There are equipped aeraries up to level two. Some of them are used for Nudist recreation because they have a small fence. The sea is fairly clean and pleasant, unlike the center of Sochi, there are not many people here. They clean every day.

Hoste treatment

There's a cup of targeted fire water in the center of the city of Sochi. That's what Mazestou painted, the symbol of the Krasnodar province and one of the most respected Russian palneological resorts. The famous Mazesta is located in the Khostin district, and every year it receives thousands of people who wish to improve their health. Medicine muds and sulphuric baths are effective in the treatment of infertility, skin diseases and the propulsion system. The treatment procedures use the Eye Medicine. Petary mineral waters are assigned to treat diseases of the stomach-kischen tract. A few years ago, the Mazestin doctors learned a new type of service - a bath based on a tin dirt with hydrogen sulphide. The addition of solar and air baths, climatic therapy, proper meals and daily bathing in the Black Sea is an excellent healthy recreation.

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