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Rest With Children In The Underwater

Alexander Zaldostan's Baker Club Leader, known as the Hirorg, addressed the Gaidar Forum, one of the country ' s largest and authoritative economic discussion sites. He presented his plans to develop Russian tourism.

During the expert session on the development of tourist clusters, the Surgeon presented a vision of the development of the Sevastopol Park Patriot. It is now the establishment of a branch of the Minoboro Military Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation in the submarine Cuban.

The Zaldostans pointed out that "Patriot" is a "great space" for Sevastopol, which will be the entrance gates to the city. "Patriot may become an informal Artec." Symbiosis with the military is very good. If this project is being implemented with them, it will push for the further development of the Territory, give it new breathing, said the Zaldostans.

He added that all the activities in the Patriot were very demanding. "The Zarnicus wanted to spend and seem to be November, but almost 8,000 children came. Positive feedback, and everyone's waiting for this place to move on," he noted the Zaldostans.

According to him, the Ministry of Defence will be the co-investor of the project. "Three percent will be ours, 40-- we'll attract, and, of course, the bombs will also invest in their own park," he told the leader of the Night Wolf.

Deputy Chief of Rosturism, Alexei Konushkov, who was present in the forum, noted that the project was one of our most powerful prospects.

Media representatives and social media users are discussing the Surgeon ' s presentation at the Guyana Forum. In particular, it was noted that the Surgeon had addressed a business audience in the Baiker Expo. "Cirorg is a new face in Russian tourism. That's what you're doing!

The Patriot Park in Podmoskovier has over 5,000 hectares. It contains museums of military equipment, sports facilities. It is also intended to carry out historical exhibitions and displays of arms. It's a historical and memorial complex called the Paratise Village.

"Patriot" in Sevastopol is located at Mount Gasfort. There are sports contests for adolescents. On several sites, it is possible to compete in a hand-held battle of marine infantry, to demonstrate the tricks of windbards and motorcycles. It works. Exhibits of military equipment are also carried out.

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