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Rest With Children In The Greeks

We're in a similar situation. The only difference is I have a 10-year-old daughter and two other families with children from 1 to 5. But since you're going to Greece for the first time, and we've been to Rodos last year, I've been bold on your advice to Esperides Beach Hotel 4. That's where we were, then my baby was only 1 year old. And at the price, the hotel is normal.
1. He's totally childish, there's nothing for them: cruisles, water mountains, free batt, sweet watt, popcorn, boat roller facing cars.
2. He's working on the "all on" system.
3. We didn't have to miss adults either, participated in the Olympic games (of course, with our participation, they were more paralympic, and once a week of the Greek evening, there were great doit boys, volleyball and everything. ♪ ♪
4. There's a park of attachments right next to the smallest ones, it's a labyrinth, machines, rollers, etc. The hotel's flirt is free once.
5. Ten minutes to the mountain park, 50 percent discount from the hotel. There's a small area in the park.
6. There's a tent alley coming from the hotel, and there's a free mini-zoo in it, you can take bread and feed animals on the top of the tiger.
7. The meal for a yearly child I chose from a stitch without a problem, and two years and it's easier.
8. A separate children's pool with a ship, a cross-section, a elephant, near a children's landing.
9. All children's clubs are different, Italians have their own house, our own, Germans have their own, etc. They're doing a good job at our Biblesha club with the kids, giving them t-shirts, a badge, a slice.
10. There's a cinema in the hotel where the kids show cartoons. There's a schedule before the entrance, at what time and in what language and what.
Minus, IMOW, only one: not a very good entrance to the sea. I mean, it's from the start of the sand, and then the stoves, or the big flat stones. But it's a minus relative, if it's about 10 minutes on the bank, it starts pure sand, and since the beaches in Greece are municipal, you're not allowed to swim wherever you want.

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