Гурзуф 2017: отдых, частный

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Gurzuf's public transport is buses, routes and taxi.

All local transport routes are also routed through Razilka. On bus No. 106 (2-3 times an hour, 25 RUB), it is possible to travel to the Nikit Botanical Garden, the Masandrov Palace, the Mansandra Vinzavod and the Yalta vehicle. Box No. 31B (2 times an hour, 20 RUB) is between the Arctic and Yalta and is convenient for those living on the first line of the village. Bus No. 2 (8 times a day, 15 RUB) comes from the Arteca, passes through the entire Gurzuf and goes up to the South Coast Rasnokamenke.

Compared to neighbouring Yalta (where the minimum travel price is 150 RUB), the cost of the Guzuf taxi is more human: 60 RUB (including 2 km of running) and 16 RUB per kilometre.

Cycle rental

Violet walks in the near and far outskirts of Gurzoufa allow active recreational amateurs to see protected natural areas not available in the car. The nearest road and mountain cyclists are located in Yalta. Rent value from 190 RUB per hour and 500 RUB per day.

To rent a bicycle, it's necessary to leave col. 0 RUB.

Rental of vehicles

The vehicle gives a special color and full freedom of movement to the Crimea, even though the roads are not in a better state, but traffic in and out of large cities is not rare. Several local car companies operate in the peninsula. From international, only Hertz, with an office at Simferopol Airport. The cost of a run-off at a local company of 2,270 RUB per day in Hertz of 3,730 RUB. Tent week is 12800 RUB and 18050 RUB respectively.

Attention! The exit on a rented vehicle from Crimea is equivalent to the attempted theft.

There's no rental company in Gurzuf, but you'll be taken and taken to the designated address, which will cost an additional 4,000-5,000 RUB. And prepare to give at least 20,000 RUB as bail.

Public parks in Gurzuf are located in the upper part of the village. Their value is 150 RUB per day. There is no free parking in the lower part of the village. Most hotels and boarders are free. The price of gasoline A-95 in Crimea is 41-42 RUB per l, diesel fuel 38-40 RUB.


The Gurzoufs are mostly wide, galka and lean in the sea. They're always put up, some of them are pretty big. Most beaches have strings from the sun, locker rooms, leathers and umbrellas. The water is clean everywhere, but the terrain is different.

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