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April Tourist Feedback

Morocco ' s mystery country is also a good option for spring sunset. A huge gold beache along the Atlantic coast, a comfortable temperature not exceeding 28 °C. It's too cold to buy, sea temperature around 19 °C. It must be borne in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country, and a number of simple rules must be remembered when it comes to it. Of course, the European service has taken everything to the fact that the traveler is always right, but do you remember the ambassador about another monastery?

One of Morocco ' s resorts, Agadir, is not only a great place to take solar baths, but also a variety of leisure activities. It depends on preferences: casino, tour of historical places, safari on jeeps, mass options.


For those who want to combine the rest with the recovery, China will be a great choice. There are many Chinese medicine centres on Heinan Island. High humidity and small rains will not prevent long-awaited rest: Heinan is pure air, fabulous nature, thermal sources, a huge choice of entertainment from rafting to fishing, a tour of the Ape Island and the Granny Park.

Canary Islands (Spain)

Mediterranean coast in April Beach rest It's quite a parole. The sea is still cold, rainy. Spring benefits are relatively low prices and a little lubricant.

The Turks are not only white, but also black, with volcanic sand, which is considered very healthy. However, the canaries are not only famous for their beaches: the islands have many tropical forests and volcanoes where tours take place.


Nice choice for April's rest. The mud and salts of the Dead Sea will be subject to the body, and the diverse cultural program is soul. The biblical places, the great city, the deserts and the Red Sea are all waiting for their readers. To visit East Jerusalem ' s Strait Week will provide an opportunity for Israel. The day temperature here is close to the 25 °C mark, the night's low.


In April, rainfall begins, humidity is very high, so the prices of trips in Thailand are falling significantly this month. Traveling here in spring is an excellent option for those who have long wanted to be in Thailand, but have postponed for financial reasons.

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