Отдых на Кипре

Recreation To The Beaches

Sandstone beach

The Cyprus city of Paphos and its environs are famous for their beaches. Most of them are greedy, or they're stuck with a shell. It's only 20 minutes away from Paphos, near the town of Peya, there's a sand beach of Coral Bay inside a small bottle.

The most sandy beach

One of the most unique places in Cyprus is the Lara Beach, located on the Akamas peninsula. Officially, it's the Reserve, because it's where they put their eggs on the rare green and fast turtles.

Sand beach for young people


Aya-Tekla (or Aya-Feckla) is another Oasis of calm in Aya-Nape, along with the Landa Beach, which can be easily and in relative privacy, feed and purchased. Of course, tourists get a piece of shore before that.

On the south-west coast of Cyprus, near the town of Heroskyp, a small distance of 350 m has erupted, but a very cozy beach. The comfortable location in the bay, the lack of nearby noise motorways and dwellings is beneficial to the Heroskipo from other recreational sites.

Practically in the center of Aya-Napa, near the port, the Green Bay Beach, a very popular place in Cyprus for recreation with children. There is no such walk and fun as Nancy Beach, but not everyone is going to Cyprus to hang around and make acquaintances.


A few kilometres from Aya-Napa's resort city, on the west coast of Cape Greco, the admirable beach of the Cermia. It's a place where you can avoid obsessive thoughts, forget the fuss and give up your whole self-defense and secret desires.

Among the beachs of Protara, which are excellent for family recreation, virtually all have a well-developed infrastructure. Wild beaches, without any convenience, there's virtually no place. However, the Conno-Bay Beach can be recommended for recreational recreation without a flow of tourists.

Landa Beach, he's the Landa beach and he's Gold Beach, one of the best places in Aya-Nape to rest with children. And there's a few explanations. First, it is much quieter and less crowded than in the centre of Aya-Napa or in the cracked NIS.


Laci used to be a little fishing tree, and today it's a great place for a great beach rest. And despite the practically round-trip tourists here, the village has not lost its self-propelled ball.

The flag with the interesting name " Luma " (Louma) is considered to be one of the best in the Turkish Cypriot resort of Protaras - he is honoured by the Blue Flag - an international award for the purity of the beach area, security and high-developed infrastructure.

Blue flag sand beach

One of the most clean, beautiful, calm and comfortable beaches in Aya Napa is Mcronisos Beach. He's got a lot of crows, and the only thing that's missing is a small parking lot that's been in season since this morning. Well, it's just a paradise.


Protara's plays are equally good for family rest, but the Sunrise beach is considered elite, one of the most luxurious and well-equipped.

Looking at the Sandy Bay beach on top of the satellite, we'll see a bottle of lazurous color, which is surrounded by sand, sandy rock color. The name of the beach justifies " every hundred " .

It's hardly possible to figure out a place in Cyprus for recreation, swimming, spraying and happy childhood in the water better than the beach of Faros. Accommodated near Larnaca, on Kiti's painting peninsula, it's the very nature of the shores that have been created to rest the babies. It's no secret that the lion's share of the rest is going to Cyprus because of his amazing beaches. No, there is, of course, a separate share of the mad, at the top of the corners of the furious party until the morning, or a study of the local vineyards, but still the words “Cyprus” and "single" go hand in hand, giving tourists the long-awaited touch of the sea, the sun and the sand.

So, what do you need to know about the coast of this solar hospitality country? First, all the beaches of Cyprus are very different, before you can book a hotel in a resort, make sure that because of the stint of the party, you can see the sand under your feet. Second, all local beaches are municipal, that's free. Although leathers and umbrellas are offered almost everywhere for a separate fee, it is possible at any time to dissolve some of their towels and to bury them without worrying about the consequences, they will not be (not including the possibility of sunburning).

They say that the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus are Protaras and Aya-Nap, but in fact, every tourist has his preferences, so it's best to know in advance the existing set of coasts of the island.

Protaras will be perfect for family rest, there's a beautiful yellow sand-dryer with a small sea.

Protaras will be perfect for family rest, there's a beautiful yellow sand-dryer with a small sea. Aya-Nap is a party resort with a lot of bars and clubs, and the beach parties start in the morning. Larnaca is considered the most budgeted and quiet resort in Cyprus, with wide sand beaches, and we lean into water. The sea is even warmer than the Protaras, but during the season when the heat goes down, it's a little shorter to be fresh in that water. The sand has a sulphate shade, which makes the sea unable to boast the luxury turquoise that Protaras. But there's a major airport in the country, so the transfer will be short. The main resort of Cyprus is perhaps Limassol. There's a lot of hotels and restaurants here, but the beaches aren't as painting as Larnaca.

There's a couple of beaches on the island of Aphrodite who don't touch popular resorts, but mention what's just necessary. In particular, it's a crystal-blue Koral Bay booth in Paphos or Nissi Beach near Aya Napa. The latter is glossed in the middle of a vice island, which can easily be accessed through the small strait of the water.

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