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отдых в грузии отзывы туристов 2015What does Georgia attract? We have collected and systematized feedback for 2016 on summer and winter rest in this country. Why should we go there and visit, as well as the price and advice of travellers?

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Georgia is located on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus Mountains, which is famous for its kitchen, wine and true hospitality. There are hundreds of architectural monuments and natural sites, and excellent climatic conditions are available for recreation in a year.

There are many interesting places in the country: ancient cave towns, fences, fortresses, vineyards, waterfalls and, of course, beaches. The beach bachelors usually choose Bataumi and his suburbs. Other Georgian resorts - Ureki, Kobouleti, Mahinjauri, Gonio, Kvarati and Sarpi - are somewhat behind in infrastructure development. The winter is a popular Gudurry and Bakuria.

отдых в грузии отзывыThe Batumi and Tbilisi architecture is impressive: there are many new objects of the most frivolous forms and designs, but it is surprising that there is some dissonance between the Batumi Gang Centre and the unscrupulous outskirts of the city.

The conclusive advantage of rest in Georgia, according to tourist feedback in 2016-2017, is considered to be accessibility, although there are problems with service, there is a certain post-Soviet syndrome. But people here are happy, welcome, many know Russian, and the Georgian kitchen and wine will give a lot of gastronomical joy to travellers.

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Beach Rest Georgia

The bathing season begins on 15 June and lasts until mid-September. The beaches may not be ready before, and the water is not warm enough.

According to 2016 reports, Batumi is the most frequently chosen tourists for recreation in Georgia at sea. It's a big port with an ancient history, and he's preferred by modern comfort hotels and night entertainment. There's a shark, a dolphinary, a wheel of vision, parks, dancing fountains and a canal road. The place is paphostic and expensive, so experienced tourists recommend stopping in the suburbs (the beaches and the beaches of the cleaner) and in Batumi for entertainment and cultural programme.

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