Дом отдыха

Toupse House Of Recreation

City: Tuapse, Jid
Russia, Krasnodar province, Tuapsi district,

ДО Туапсе п Бжид General description: Rest The Tuapse (formerly the Blue Bukhta) is located in a remarkable vice and ecologically clean place of the Tuapsian District called Blue Bukht (15 km from the Jubga settlement). From the compound to the beach only 100 metres.

The excellent living conditions, the high level of service, the wide range of services will be able to meet the most exquisite tastes and needs of guests at the recreational home. Rehabilitative and medical procedures, training in the gym and in the pool, will help to improve health and to get a borecy charge.

Territory home The Tuapse hits a source with natural mineral water, which in its entirety is equal to the canteen mineral water of the Crimean type, and is shown in stomach, cheek, liver, pancreas. Since 2003, health has been transferred to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

To the rest of the D.T.A.

Your own equipped small-scale beach with a convenient down, 100 metres from the Tupps.
On the beach: a beach inventry rental (bodies, savalanges, boats, hydrocycles, bananas).

Location fund: The Single Five-stage Set of the Toupas Recreation House includes 102 numbers (92 category numbers, total area 16-18 square metres, single rooms; 6 two rooms, total area 40 square metres, lux category; 4 rooms, total area 30 square metres).

All the numbers correspond to the Eurostandard, equipped with a splinter system, PCT, phone, refrigerator, full of plumbing. Hot and cold water, 24/7.

Additional location:

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