Отдых в Крыму с детьми

Rest At Sea With A Little Child

Отпуск с ребенкомWhy, on leave with a child, shouldn't you be afraid of flights and so scary acclimatization? What do you want to feed a baby in a distant Asia? How to deal with the luggage growing in front of you and, most importantly, where to take time for your own vacation? These and other questions are answered by the PEAC, which has travelled with its small children over the past two years.

Journalist, interpreter (German and English). In the student years, a car was taken and drove from Moscow to China. Since then, I have understood the relative nature of the concepts of " space " and " time " and the final subset of travel. In 2007, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Cuba left for nine months. Frequently travels with children, daughter of Alicia (now 4 years old) and son of Grisha (2 years).Миф 1: с ребенком можно ехать только на море Author and co-founder of the " Small Travel with Children " blog (and the same community in the FA).

Meth 1: With a child, only at sea

Many of them initially treat leave with a child as a sea trip. In fact, the only way to go is if you want to. For a couple of simple reasons.Миф 2: возможны только «пакетные туры» Flying with children at sea often reveals that they are panicking waves, depths and uncertainty. And I agree to volunteer to enter the sea of edac by the end of the vacation. If you're good at the water, and fine, let the chado dig in the sand. But if you donate the sea's lipstick to the Luar's castle, it's gonna hurt.

The other reason is that for a little man, the most important thing is his parents. He looks at the world with their eyes. He's good everywhere he's playing with, he's smiling and showing the world, be it ancient temples (as it was during our journey to Cambodia), natural beauty or architecture of neogotical devices. The tired and invisible beach rest will be a child with a much less pleasant companion than an inspired, albeit a little tired, permanently running around his dream.

Миф  3: для путешествий с ребенком нужен автомобиль Миф  4: ехать необходимо сразу двум родителям, один не справится Миф  5: размер багажа вырастет в 10 раз Миф  6: дитё сведет с ума весь самолет
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