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Sochi Adler's Rest Reviews

Adler is located in the valley formed along the Msimt River Rub at the point where it enters the Black Sea. This is the southernmost locality and the resort area of the Russian part of the Caucasus. From the Abkhaz side by the “neighbourly” Adlera are the Gara and Zandryps resorts. A little above the coast is Host, Kudepsta and Sochi directly. Up to the center of Sochi, about 24 km. It won't take more than half an hour to get there on the route.

It's very easy to get to Adler. It's one of the main transport hubs of the Russian Caucasus Pricher. First, it's where Big Sochi Central Airport is. Under Olympiad, it has been significantly upgraded and is now being carried out by flights from virtually all of Russia ' s major federal centres. Second, the city is the final point for many long-distance trains. The bus service along the coast is also quite intensive.

General information and history

Adler is not an autonomous city, but only one of Sochi districts. These settlements were combined in the 1960s. The Territory is so large that it is divided into several micro-regions, the most popular of which is the resort town. The history of the settlement is linked to the period of the Kawkaz military campaign. In 1837, there was a strengthening of the Holy Spirit, which led to the emergence of the first permanent residents. Ethmology of origin has no single version. The " popular " is the origin of the German Adler - Eagle.

Rest in Adler is very different. Apart from the sea, beaches and mountain landscapes, this is also a large health complex, as well as a place for major sporting events. It was in the Olympic Park of Sochi, which is here territorially, that the 2014 Winter Games took place.

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