о. Родос

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Of course, Rodos is, above all, an antique culture and ancient monuments. In the city, anti-intelligent buildings are neighbourly with medieval and more modern buildings, all of which can be regarded as the treasures of Rodos. The great devastation of Athens Pallada's great temple has continued. ♪ ♪

Oh. Rodos: guided tours and events

The excursion programme proposed in Rodos is very extensive. There are many places to visit while on the island. For example, a tour to Rodos and Philerymos. It will last half a day for travellers to visit the Philerymos hill and Rodos town. In the capital, there will be a panic stop on the antique acronym of Rodos, an examination of the ruins of the Temple of Apollo Pifia, the group will visit the anti-stadium and the speaker podium. There is a walking tour of the old city and a little free time to buy gifts and photographs. An average of 20 to 40 Euros (for a child and adult) is worth this tour.

The " Grave evening " (23/45 Euros for a child/adult) will offer an opportunity to have a lovely evening in the village of Eastid. He's going to be in a traditional local tavern where the guests will welcome a variety of national kitchen meals and Rodos house wine. There'll be dances in beautiful national costumes under popular musical instruments.

Leandos and 7 Sources are half-day, usually 21/41 Euros (child/age). As part of the tour, an examination of the ancient city of Lindos and its acronym, which is older than Athens. By the way, this temple was attended by Alexander Macedonsky, Elena Trojan, anti-Gerakle. The programme also includes the Rodos Honduran workshop and a small stop in the painting and Valley of the Seven Sources, whose water will add beard and health.

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