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Sea Recreational Activities

Каспийское мореStrictly, calling the Caspian Sea is incorrect - he doesn't have access to the ocean. But where did you see a lake of such size? So his coast is typical of the sea, and the rest is just great.

It is located in the south of Russia, with several climatic zones, continental and moderate, and even a piece of subtropics. Winter temperature It could fall to 10, but it's 24 to 27 degrees in the summer.рыбалка The conditions are quite comfortable for beach rest, although this type of infrastructure is not particularly good. But the most important thing that brings a bunch of tourists here is the deltas of the rivers where the fish hangs and, as a settlement, which can be bragged by the capture of the so-called sazzan!

In Russia, access to the Caspian Sea is in the Astrakhan region and Dagestan: going to Mahachal, Kaspysk, Derpent, small settlements.

Улов на рыбалке в Астрахани в апрелеWhy go?

The fishermen in the Volga and Akhtuba Delta in their right minds did not give up any more studs, spinnings, fiders, etc. There are countless countless salines, germs, cheeks, wolves, wolves, wool, ham, corn, red, karazy. And, of course, a noble bitch, a evruga, an Osseter, a squirrel.

There are legends - although legends are officially registered record - that there are 115-kilogram soms, 14-kilograms, 5-kilogram boats. There are cabans in the woods. They can be hunted with permission. A lot of birds on which hunters with guns are also on.

Do you know what a fisherman in Astrahani in April? Good! What if you're not in Astrahani, but in Lower Novgorod? There's some great turbations around here, and it's pretty good with the fisherman too!

Астраханская область база тортуга охота турбаза Прибой
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