Rest At Sea In March

And in the Indian state of Goa, tourists are waiting for a beautiful weather and an unwavering atmosphere - Buddhist temples, crocodile factories, local smiling and scent of sternity. The water shall be heated to 28 °C and the air to 31 °C. Another option is to visit mysterious Nepal in March. The weather conditions are presented in all diversity, ranging from hot tropics to the Arctic zones of the Himalayas.


Until recently, there has been little knowledge of the most interesting way to rest like Bhutan. But now, tourists from all the countries of Bhutan are starting to get the attention they deserve. Ancient temples and untouched civilization of nature, a good local population, many natural reserves -- all of which can be seen with their own eyes, bathed in waterfalls, travelled to many tours, and the most important thing is to obtain the positive charge and peace that is unattainable in a large city.

Every year, Malta hosts a Mediterranean kitchen festival with music and mature visions.


Brazil is also ready to meet its guests in March with warm seas and not hot, but quite suitable for beach rest by weather. The biggest problem on the way to this beautiful country is a long journey. Burn, forget the avitamines, swim in the ocean, travel on the Amazon, all that might be worth it.


Another popular Rossian resort is Thailand. The islands of Phuket, Lantou (Lantau), Samet, Yao Yay, Krabi and Phi Phi are in March with beautiful weather and sea water warming up to 28 °C. The rest of this country is a real Thai massage. The tours of national parks are popular, and there are rich vegetation collections. Such farms exist throughout Thailand, so it is easy to find a suitable route for the tour.

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