Чехия в марте 2013

March Tourist Feedback

Куда поехать отдыхать в марте?As far as the beach rest is concerned in March, there are no places near Europe - even Egypt at this time is not the most pleasant weather and winds. Although the air temperature is at +25, the sea is not warm enough. In the Mediterranean region, the situation is even worse, with Tunisia, Israel or Greece having little to catch before May. In the Canary Islands, the average air temperature is between 20 and 22 degrees, while water is +18, which is not everyone's pleasure. The same situation is true in the United Arab Emirates, the water temperature is below the +20 mark, but the situation is generating the fine shopping that the Emirates is glossing.

Куда поехать отдыхать в марте?In this regard, people prefer to travel to South-East Asia, where the March rest can take place immediately on the impressive list of countries in India, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bali and Heinan. Thailand has historically been particularly popular, with Russians going very often because of low prices, access to recreation, lack of visas and good resorts.Куда поехать отдыхать в марте? There's still a dry season here in March, so it's pretty hot and dry, and swimming at sea is really nice. It makes sense not only to go to popular resorts like Pattyia and Phuket, but also to less crowded places like Co Samet, Co Chang and others, it's not gonna be disappointed in March.

In the Indian state of Goa with temperatures, it is also a very happy situation that attracts Russian tourists, some of whom are so in love with this place, that they remain here forever. The main obstacle to this may be a visa and a flight, the beach itself. March rest It's relatively cheap. You can also go to Sri Lanka, to the Maldives with their Paradise Beaches and exotic Sails.

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