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Monthly water temperature


♪ The weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months as well as change the scale and move the visible area of the map to see other resorts.

♪ The map shows the average monthly daily air temperature or water temperature at sea.

March in Viet Nam is dry and hot in all regions. The rainfall is very small, the weather is perfect for those who for a long winter have fallen through the bright sun. There's no strong heat in the mountains north of the capital, it's warm and comfortable. Early spring Rest in Viet Nam - Paradise pleasure. The key is the right choice of resort.

In the north of Viet Nam, the dry season is almost raining. At the beginning of the month, it is still a little chilly, and by the end of March the average air temperature is 22 degrees above zero.

Hanoi is moderately warm and dry. Day 24.6, night 19.5 degrees of heat.

The Gulf of Halong and the island of Catba have not yet opened a swimming season, but by the end of March, seawater temperatures have been 20.3 degrees of heat, not long swims, and short baths on the islands are already possible. Air temperature rises to 23 degrees.

In the north of the country, March is a great time for sea tour of the Gulf.

In central Viet Nam, the weather is often hot and even dry in March. The rain is rare and short. Air temperature 23-28 degrees.

There's rain in Hoyana about 9 days a month, and the rest of the time is pretty sunny. Air temperature in day 26.3, at night, 20.8 degrees of heat.

In Hue, with a moderate cloud of 27 degrees of heat by day and 20.7 and night.

In Nyachang, the light of the dry season, solar and hot. Air temperature 28.5, water temperature 26 degrees of heat. The landings are rare.

In mountain areas, such as the Ban resort near Danang, colder, but water temperature at sea 24 degrees.

In the south, March is the dryest month. There's hardly any rain. Average air temperature 32 degrees, water 28 degrees of heat.

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