Отдых на острове Хайнань с

Hainan And Children

Friends, offer you a family rest on the tropical island of Heinan (China). This island is rightly considered as paradise and is certainly recommended for recreation with children!

There is a great climate on the island that allows for forgiveness with various cold diseases.

It is not for Heinan ' s sake that they call " long-termists " . The whole island is drowning in tropical greens, which creates a unique microclimate, as well as a way to hide from sunlights and simply to look at painting species.

Almost all hotels on the island are designed to rest with children. They come here with very little babies, even less than a year.

The Heinan Island can be rested in a year round, but the best and most comfortable time to rest with children on Heinan is from September to December and from March to June inclusive.

Of course not. On Heinan Island Beautiful, but for example, tropical rains (also in Viet Nam and Thailand) are hot and more frequent in July and August. In January, one or more days may be cold, although winter temperatures on the island range from 24 to 28 degrees and water from 22 to 25 degrees.

The best holiday resorts for children are buoys: Yalunwan, Haitanwan and Sanjavan.

Kurort Dudunhei will be in the last place, as he is more suitable for dynamic, youth-friendly rest.

The rest of the children in the Yalunwan Bay are surrounded by mountains on three sides of the bay. Yalunwan is considered to be the most prestigious of all the bays - there are mostly five-star hotels of the world's chains.

The coastline with the blindly white sand stretched 8, 5 km. Water's clean and transparent. The Gulf of Yalunwan has a peaceful and skilled vacation on the coast of the warm and clean sea. There's the largest Museum of Marine Rakovin in Asia and the Bowl Dolin.

Almost all the hotels are on the first coastline. From Phoenix Airport to the Yalanwan Bay Hotels, 30 minutes. Typically, there are five-star hotels: a children ' s menu, a children ' s pool with mountains, a mini club, a children ' s play room, and entertainment for children.

The best vacation hotels with children in the Yalunwan Bay:

- located near the international airport and the city centre, drowns in green tropical gardens and offers a luxury private beach of 400 metres.

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