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We were in Vitazavo in August 2007 in a private guest house called Pearl. The trails have been taken to some agency, and now they realize that you shouldn't overpaid the intermediaries. They don't answer for anything. It's better to talk directly to the owners.
For a simple budget teacher, you know, finding a little vacation, and it was hard to taste. That's why I chose the most economical option. On a comfortable Higer bus, conveniently, 24 hours can be held with a healthy and adequate satellite nearby.
At the time of the settlement in Jemchug, the samurai mediator reserved a type of number that was occupied at that time. The owners did everything they depended on. Suggested what was free: the cheapest number, and five days later, people left the rooms with better numbers. So we didn't stay in the lining-- the first half of the rest lived in spartan settings in No. 1--- the cheapest cutting-edge beds, a carcase, a broken chair, two nails on the wall instead of a closet, and the second half in Suspension No. 2 (two insulated rooms, urban type of plumber, i.e, toilet, bathroom, There are two street toilets and a shower like a booth for the three cheapest numbers of Annex 1. Even when we were living in a better place, we were still running out there. So the conditions are acceptable to an unbalanced public.
The second dwelling was impressed by the best sewer and the relative isolation of most residents. The truth is the room is microscopic and strange planning, so we've only been sleeping in it and resting nicer in a cozy yard than in four walls. Door's nice, dining room with general TV, underweight, for two stoves and two refrigerators, dishes. We paid for two-time food, and we didn't. The dignity of Pearl is a good Soviet drink. Feeds are delicious, pores are normal, varied, almost never repeated in 10 days. So far, I'm thinking of a wonderful, marinated cabbage, even a prescription. Special thanks to the woman who works there for "services," sweet, polite, clean, careful.
The masters are minimal information, we've seen them twice in ten days. And that's a certain plus. They don't push, they leave early in the morning, they don't see them in the afternoon, just when the next settlement is new, and they're laughing. Thank you so much for being adequate. So don't even remember their names, but there's a good impression left.
Doorik's sweet, flower, chair tables, big walnut tree. From the yard, it's like a limane. When the wind blows from the lymán, of course the smell of malnourished sometimes comes, but it's nothing.
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