Витязево: базы и дома отдыха

Vitazevo Recuperation Base

Vitazevo ' s recreational bases have rooms with convenience, as well as individual wooden houses, which are given in full. So it's a good place to house both the family and the big company.

The Vitiazevo recreational bases and houses can offer their guests a very wide range of services: transfer, parking, bar, café, gym, billiard, sauna, pool and playground. A conference room with the possibility of organizing coffee bars and furchets is available to tourists who have come to the business resort.

There's always a place for rest in the guestland where barbecue or chashls can be prepared on their own if they want.

2017 for recreational and recreational facilities recreational homes Vitazevo depends on the number chosen, the remoteness of the facility from the coast of the sea, and the list of additional services in the accommodation facility. But you can always count on quality service and great rest!

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