Вьетнам: отзывы туристов и

Voter Feedback In Vietnamese Year

вьетнам фукуок отзывы 2017 годIt's not obvious, and suddenly, for us on Fukouk Island in Vietnam we've been able to live for a while. As a result, it has been possible to form its own view of rest in this wonderful place, rather than simply accepting the feedback of tourists who often do not know what they want from their hard leave. Tonight, we'll compare tourists' retrievals on Fukukouk and our subjective opinion of him.

I decided to defer this article until I first thought about Fukuku Island, in this case it took me a month to at least begin to understand Vietnam. The tourists ' retaliation on Fukuoka was virtually useless.because of its smallness and time-disaggregation. I mean, people say and talk about Vietnamese leave, but these people are units. Among the observations on the island of Fukuoka, and Viet Nam in general, many superficial and/or outdated information. It's probably linked to the fact that tourism on the island is still in its infancy (not so long ago, the island wanted to leave the usual reserve). The tourists and even the Longsteiners go mainly to the more popular places of Viet Nam: Nyachang, Muina and Dalat, where they can live and rest for years, not once in the Fukouk plant.

вьетнам фукуок отзывы 2017 годAfter a while, I have prepared an unifying article on rest on the island of Fukouk, where, in addition to my withdrawal and opinions, many useful information has been drawn from: " From Fukouk, opinions and feedback " , it can be seen how such recreation can attract tourists to Viet Nam.

вьетнам фукуок отзывы 2017 годI have already written several times about poor tourism in Fukuoka, as well as about the virtually absent Russian-speaking community. Amazing, but there are plenty of people on the island who speak and understand Russian, mostly from CIS, but there are Vietnamese who were trained in their time in the USSR or Russia. One of those met before boarding a plane from Hoshimina to Fukuok (this is one way to get the one described in "How to get from Hoshimina to Fukouk, maybe you don't like extra flights) with another at the local store. There's a lot of Russian speakers, and there's no single information space.

вьетнам фукуок отзывы 2017 год вьетнам фукуок отзывы 2017 год

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